Today Is My Day!

Shirt: Polo Kids
Skirt: Target
Mini Handbag: Target
Shoes: Baby Gap

                Summer Love

Head band: Hand made by Me
Vintage Sunnies: Thrift shop
Tank top: Target
Shorts: Hand made by Me
Shoes: Zara

                 A Day In Paris

Hat: Made by Gradma :)
Jacket: Mexico Shop
Leggings: Amazon
Shoes: Zappos

                Tie My Shoe!

Headband: Claires
Undershirt: Target
Skirt: Baby Gap
Red button up shirt: Thrift shop
Shoes: Converse from Zappos

                 Forever Blue

Target-Mini Bag
Stein Mart-Scarf 
Patey-Nude Shoes

Target-Plain Shirt
Target-Mini Bag
Claires-Head Band 
Patey-Nude Shoes

       Just wanted to share some of the sketches I did of the dresses I'm designing for my graduation project. I'am constrating 4 garments for my final presentation March 21. I'am so excited about designing and displaying my garments at The Art Museum  in Arizona. ENJOY!