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Jumpsuits is back in various silhouettes! I love them They are fabulous. They're just perfect to get that 90's look.

High waist Pants

These high waist pants can be found at many stores in various prices. They are perfect for the office or an important meeting or interview.

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The Black Pencil Skirt

My inspiration for this outfit was "The black pencil skirt". I decided to add color to this pencil skirt instead of just having black to make it funner and colorful. It's always nice to change colors since pencil skirts are usually black.

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Black pencil skirt is a classic skirt for woman. This kind of skirt is worn for formal places like offices. However some woman also wears them to informal occasions like shopping and sidewalk. Black pencil skirts like black satin pencil skirt works well with many types of apparels like white tops, leather vests and high heels.

As woman, you must always bear in mind that you should pick the best combination of clothing that will flatter your best part without overdoing it. As far as concern, length and fit are two most important factors that you should take into consideration when buying a pencil skirt, perhaps black pencil skirt. You also must make sure the skirt suits perfectly to your body shape and sizes.

Like I said earlier you must make sure the skirt that you buy suits well to your body shapes and length. The wrong fit for your body make you look funny with funny with these black pencil skirts. Thus wrong length of the skirt also makes your legs look stubby if you are not tall enough. Although black pencil skirt suits most body shapes, however you need to be very selective when getting these skirts. For example like f you have a pear shape you must be careful because of the narrow hemline. You should go for a low waist black pencil skirt by pairing it up with long shirt or tops. You can try to balance it out by adding accessories to the upper part of your body. You can match it with a white blouse or eye-catching earrings.

If you don’t want to draw much attention to the lower part of your body which you think your butt and hips are the most perfect part of your body, then you should wear them with a thick waistband. You should also tuck it in as it complements the fit and better look. Thus you can also throw in a pair of sexy shoes. However if you don’t want to draw too much attention to that area, you can still wear a pencil skirt but stick to the classic pencil skirt in solid black without any embellishments that might highlight the area.

You can also tuck in the skirt to add a more sophisticated touch to your look. The black pencil skirt like black satin pencil skirt elongates your legs if you look short. Thus it also can create a trimmer looking waist.


This outfit was inspired by the Dressing Harem.I would totally wear this outfit to the club!

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